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Life Calculation of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor


Aluminum electrolytic capacitorBelonging to "finite life" components

※ The structure of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is semi sealed, and the electrolyte will be reduced or even dried up due to the outward diffusion of electrolyte during long-term use;

※ Deterioration of the oxide film on the anode surface;

※ In the process of repairing the oxide film and heating the capacitor, chemical and Physical change occur in the electrolyte, which makes the performance of the electrolyte worse.


Aluminum electrolytic capacitorConcept and criteria of lifespan

※ Consumable failure

Failure caused by gradual deterioration of capacitor parameters.

Example: Leakage current: not exceeding the specified value

Capacity: Change within ± 20% of the initial measured value

Loss angle tangent: not exceeding 2 times the specified value

Appearance: No obvious abnormalities

※ Functional failure

More failures occur in the early stages of manufacturing and at the end of customer use, such as short circuits, open circuits, etc. This failure mode undermines the performance of capacitors.

Life estimation method):

Ripple current testing method

Under normal circumstances, there are three main factors that affect the lifespan of capacitors, namely environmental temperature, ripple current, and actual applied voltage. The actual service life of capacitors can be calculated using the following formula:

LX=L0 · KT · KV · KR

Among them, LX is the calculated service life of the capacitor

L0: Life of capacitor under rated conditions

KT: Temperature coefficient of capacitor

KV: capacitor voltage coefficient

KR: Ripple current coefficient of capacitor


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