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Advantages of SMD aluminum Electrolytic capacitor


PatchAluminum Electrolytic capacitorCompared with traditional Electrolytic capacitor, it uses conductive polymer materials with high conductivity and high stability as solid electrolyte, instead of the electrolyte of traditional aluminum Electrolytic capacitor. The electrolyte used by it has high conductivity. In addition to its unique structural design, it greatly improves the shortcomings of traditional liquid Aluminum electrolytic capacitor, showing extremely excellent characteristics.

1. The aluminum Electrolytic capacitor has ideal high frequency and low impedance characteristics. Polymer solid Electrolytic capacitor has very low loss and ideal high-frequency and low impedance characteristics, so it is widely used in decoupling, filtering design and other circuits, with ideal results, especially excellent high-frequency filtering effect. Through an experiment, it can be seen more intuitively and clearly that the high-frequency characteristics of polymer solid Aluminum electrolytic capacitor are significantly different from those of ordinary capacitors. The high frequency interference signal of 1MHz (peak to peak voltage 8V) is superimposed on the input of the smooth circuit and filtered by a 47UF polymer solid Electrolytic capacitor, so that the noise can be reduced to only peak to peak voltage 30mv output. To achieve the same filtering effect, four 1000UF ordinary liquid Aluminum electrolytic capacitor need to be connected in parallel, or three 100UF tantalum Electrolytic capacitor need to be connected in parallel.

2. Aluminum Electrolytic capacitor has strong resistance to large ripple current. Polymer solid Electrolytic capacitor has the ability to withstand large ripple current, which is suitable for providing large current in a short time in the switching power supply circuit. The terminal voltage drops significantly in a short period of time, so the ability to provide high-frequency current externally is strong and has good instantaneous response characteristics.

3Aluminum Electrolytic capacitorThe frequency characteristic is flat and the temperature characteristic is good. Polymer solid Electrolytic capacitor have flat capacitance frequency characteristics in the frequency band of 0, 1~10MHz. It also has excellent temperature characteristics. The general temperature changes from -55 ℃ to 105 ℃, and the capacitance only changes from -5% to 8%. The polymer solid Aluminum electrolytic capacitor also has a long life and high reliability. It is mainly used in the main board bypass capacitor, DC/DC converter, small high-power power supply, power decoupling, high-frequency noise suppression circuit and portable electronic equipment. Polymer solid Aluminum electrolytic capacitor will not burn, smoke or explode because of the use of aluminum and conductive polymer materials.

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