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What is in-line aluminum Electrolytic capacitor


What isIn line aluminum Electrolytic capacitor?

A capacitor is an electronic component composed of two conductors (cathode and anode) sandwiched between an insulator (medium).

The in-line aluminum Electrolytic capacitor is a capacitor that is widely used in large mainboards at present. We are familiar with the aluminum Electrolytic capacitor. There is also a tantalum capacitor, which is actually an Electrolytic capacitor.

According to data, Electrolytic capacitor can occupy half of the whole capacitance industry, especially industrial electronics, where there is power supply, there will be Electrolytic capacitor.

What are the characteristics of in-line aluminum Electrolytic capacitor?

The capacitance per unit volume is very large, tens to hundreds of times larger than other types of capacitors.

The rated capacity can be very large, easily reaching tens of thousands of uf or even a few f.

Good quality and affordable price. The price has an overwhelming advantage over other types, because Electrolytic capacitor are composed of ordinary industrial materials, such as aluminum, etc. These materials are ordinary industrial materials and equipment, suitable for large-scale production, and have relatively low costs.

Moreover, the classification of in-line aluminum Electrolytic capacitor is mainly based on anode materials, such as aluminum or tantalum in-line aluminum Electrolytic capacitor, which are all anode materials.

There are patch type and in-line type, but as long as the anode material is metal aluminum, it is aluminum in-line aluminum Electrolytic capacitor.

The anode of Electrolytic capacitor is made of tantalum metal, and the cathode is also an electrolyte. At present, many tantalum Electrolytic capacitor are installed with patches, and their shells are generally sealed with resin.

According to the traditional view, the performance of tantalum capacitor is better than that of aluminum capacitor, because the dielectric of tantalum capacitor is Tantalum pentoxide generated after anodic oxidation, and its dielectric capacity is higher than that of aluminum oxide dielectric of aluminum Electrolytic capacitor. Therefore, under the same capacity, the volume of tantalum capacitors is smaller than that of aluminum capacitors.

In line aluminum Electrolytic capacitorThe capacitance of the medium depends on its dielectric capacity and volume. When the capacity is constant, the higher the power saving ability, the smaller the volume can be made. Conversely, the larger the volume. In addition, generally speaking, the properties of tantalum are relatively stable, so it is generally believed that tantalum capacitors have better performance than aluminum capacitors.

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