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What is the difference between patch resistors and plug-in resistors?

The application range of resistors is very wide, and it can be said that as long as the use of circuits is inseparable from it. It is precisely because resistors have a wide range of applications that they are classified into many different types according to different application fields and requirements. Among them, chip resistors and plug-in resistors are two very common types. Do you know the difference between chip resistors and plug-in resistors


chip resistorandPlug-in resistorDifferences:

oneSmall size, light weight, easy to store and mail

As commonly usedchip resistor0805 package or 220

This package has a much smaller resistance than the plug-in we used before. Dozens of plug-in resistors can fill a bag, but with chip resistors, thousands or even tens of thousands can be filled. Of course, this is independent of the maximum current it can withstand.


Chip resistor 2. Chip resistor is easier to solder than plug-in resistor

2. Chip resistors are easier to weld and disassemble than plug-in resistors

Chip resistors do not use through holes and have less tin. Disassembling the plug-in resistor is a troublesome task, and friends who do it believe they have this experience. It is a PCB with two or more layers

On the board, even if it can only have 2 pins, it is not very easy to remove and it is very easy to damage the circuit board, let alone multi pin positions. The disassembly and assembly of SMD resistors is much easier. Not only are the two legs very easy to disassemble, but even if the components with one or two hundred legs are disassembled several times, the circuit board can still be undamaged.

3. Stability and reliability of resistors

Another important advantage of SMD resistors is that they improve the stability and reliability of the circuit, as well as the success rate of manufacturing.

4. Volume

Compared to SMD resistors, the volume of plug-in resistors is much larger, and the materials used will increase. Plug-in resistors are also not suitable for large-scale production and packaging. Chip resistors have a relatively small volume and can be used on smaller products. The component volume of plug-in resistors is larger, making them suitable for larger products. The performance of plug-in resistors is more stable than that of chips, making them suitable for working in harsh environments.

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