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What is the difference between patch resistors and plug-in resistors?

Capacitor is one of the three major passive electronic components (resistor, capacitor and inductor), plays an important role in the electronic component industry, and is an essential basic electronic component in the electronic circuit. Among the electronic components used in the whole machine, capacitor is the most widely used and used, accounting for about 40% of the total electronic components. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor has excellent performance, low price and wide use, In the past 20 years, it has achieved great development worldwide, accounting for about one-third of the entire capacitor market. Its annual growth rate remains stable at around 8%, and it may further expand its market share in the future.

6370105670228681217403250.pngAluminum Electrolytic capacitorExcellent performance and wide application range

  Aluminum electrolytic capacitorIt is a capacitor made by winding anode foil, cathode foil, and electrolytic paper in the middle, then impregnating the working electrolyte, and then sealing it in an aluminum shell.

The production process of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor mainly includes cutting, winding, immersion, assembly, aging, sealing, printing, bushing, measurement, packaging, inspection, etc.

Application of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor in Electronic Industry

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor are mainly used in household appliances such as computers, color TV sets, air conditioners, cameras, etc., of which 45% are used in Consumer electronics. In recent years, as the prosperity of the consumer electronics industry continues to improve, the consumption of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor also shows a rapid growth.

With the continuous introduction of environmental protection and energy conservation directives for Consumer electronics by countries around the world, Ecological design of products, use of harmless materials, energy conservation in the process of use, and implementation of harmless recycling, the requirements for overall environmental protection and energy conservation will become increasingly high. Therefore, based on consumer electronics to meet the needs of multimedia, multi-function, intelligence, systematization, energy conservation, environmental protection and health, Aluminum electrolytic capacitor with small size, large capacity and low cost have a large market space.

Downstream industries are developing rapidly with huge market demand

In recent years, with the rapid development of the electronic information industry, the speed of updating and upgrading digital electronic products has become faster and faster. The production and sales of consumer electronic products, mainly flat panel televisions, laptops, smartphones, and other products, have continued to grow; In the field of wide application of frequency conversion technology, the green energy field represented by wind power generation, solar power generation and electric vehicles, and the new application fields such as communication facilities represented by 4G have driven the rapid growth of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry. In the coming years, the above-mentioned industries will still provideAluminum electrolytic capacitorIndustry brings huge market space.

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