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Selection Guide for COG (NPO) Chip Capacitors (mlcc)


COG (NPO)Chip capacitorOverview

COG (NPO) chip capacitors belong to Class 1 temperature compensated capacitors. Its capacity is stable and hardly changes with temperature, voltage, and time. Especially suitable for high-frequency electronic circuits.

COG (NPO) chip capacitor characteristics


Has the highest capacitance stability, with a temperature characteristic of 0 within the operating temperature range of -55 ℃ to 125 ℃

NPO capacitor
NPO is the most commonly used single chip with temperature compensation characteristicsCeramic capacitor. Its filling medium is composed of rubidium, samarium, and some other rare oxides.
NPO capacitors are one of the capacitors with the most stable capacitance and dielectric loss. At temperatures ranging from -55 ℃ to 125 ℃, the capacity change is 0 ± 30 ppm/℃, and the change in capacitance with frequency is less than ± 0.3 Δ C. The drift or hysteresis of NPO capacitors is less than ± 0.05%, which is negligible compared to thin film capacitors greater than ± 2%. The typical change in capacity relative to service life is less than ± 0.1%. NPO capacitors have different characteristics of capacitance and dielectric loss with frequency variation depending on the packaging form. Large packaging sizes have better frequency characteristics than small packaging sizes. The following table provides the selectable capacity range of NPO capacitors.

Encapsulation DC=50V DC=100V
0805 0.5-1000pF 0.5-820pF
1206 0.5-1200pF 0.5-1800pF
1210 560--5600pF 560--2700pF
2225 1000pF --0.033 μ F 1000pF --0.018 μ F

NPO capacitors are suitable for slot capacitors in oscillators, resonators, and coupling capacitors in high-frequency circuits

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