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What are the factors that affect the stability of the capacitance of high-voltage capacitors?


High voltage capacitorAs an important circuit protection component, it is indispensable in the design process of many intelligent and electronic products. However, in practical applications, the capacity of high-voltage capacitors that should have been fixed may sometimes change. What's going on here? Today, let me give you a good lesson!

stayHigh voltage capacitorIn the ideal application scenario, when the moving piece is fixed at a certain position, the capacity of the high-voltage capacitor should be fixed and unchanged throughout the entire process of operation. In fact, due to the harm of external natural environment, temperature and other factors, its capacity will undergo a change, and the level of change refers to the stability of its capacity. The reasons for this change mostly depend on the structure of the capacitor, the materials used, and the quality of manufacturing. Below, we will explore the impact of these conditions on the capacity stability of high-voltage capacitors.

Firstly, let's take a look at the impact of mechanical effects on the stability of high-voltage capacitors. When a high-voltage capacitor is subjected to external vibration or turbulence, the capacitance of the capacitor will change, and the magnitude of the change depends on the distance between the capacitor electrodes, the geometric size of the chip, and the mechanical strength of all structures. The larger the pitch, the smaller the specification, and the thicker the thickness, the smaller the amplitude and the smaller the capacity change caused.

In addition to the reduction in capacity reliability of high-voltage capacitors caused by the effectiveness of mechanical equipment, there is also a key factor that can pose a key hazard to them, which is temperature. When the external temperature changes greatly, the total area, thickness, spacing between the electrodes, and the thermal conductivity of the medium of the high-voltage capacitor all change. When there is a significant change in temperature, all structural components of the capacitor will deform. All of these changes will change the quality of the capacitor, thereby changing its capacitance temperature coefficient. This is determined by the combined effect of these factors.

In order to reduce the impact of temperature on high-voltage capacitors, engineers can solve the problem from the following aspects when developing new high-voltage capacitor products. Firstly, materials with low linear expansion coefficients can be selected to manufacture high-voltage capacitors. Secondly, adopt reasonable processing techniques during the manufacturing process. The ion migration direction during the growth process of the oxide film on capacitors is as follows: heat treat the stamped or turned electrode plates, and season the assembled and adjusted capacitors at a certain temperature to eliminate internal stress and improve stability. The third is to improve the accuracy of the capacitor electrode Assembly line from a technical perspective, so as to ensure that the chip spacing is as uniform as possible. These methods are all useful ways to further improve the reliability of high-voltage capacitor capacity.

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