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What is the difference between patch capacitors and inline capacitors


Capacitance is divided intoChip capacitorandInline capacitor. The sales of SMD capacitors are better in the market. The speed of technological progress is getting faster and faster, and we need to keep up with the pace of this era. Understanding technological products is also a necessary knowledge for daily life. Now let me introduce to you, what is the difference between it and inline capacitors?

Firstly, in production, its production is more mechanized and does not require too much manpower. Relying on automated production is sufficient. The accuracy is also relatively high. When facing mass production, it is convenient to deliver and can meet market requirements. No need to wait.

Secondly, the product is not as delicate. Direct insertion capacitors are prone to damage during transportation and can affect their performance. During transportation, it does not require much attention and is convenient for transportation, thus saving costs. The price invested in the market is relatively low.

Finally, its adaptability to frequency is better. This is also the backbone of its capacitor products in the market. Because of this, many businesses are willing to operate such products.

The above is the difference between it and inline capacitors. After understanding these differences, we can easily purchase them. For manufacturers who want to invest, understanding the market situation and product characteristics are equally important. I hope our summary can provide some reference for everyone.

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