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What precautions can be taken to avoid damage to chip capacitors

Chip capacitor The material of is high-density, hard, fragile and abrasive, and belongs to multilayer chip Ceramic capacitor. We all know that ceramics are brittle and easy to break. The chip capacitor is easy to be damaged during transportation and use. The chip capacitor will also be damaged due to cracks, high temperature, bending and breakingYouchen ElectronicsExplain the precautions to everyone.

During transportation and use, it is important to note that the ceramic body of the SMD capacitor is a brittle material. If the PCB board is bent, it will be subjected to a certain amount of mechanical stress impact. During transportation and use, attention should be paid to the following aspects:

1. Soft protective pads (such as sponge, pearl cotton, cardboard, etc.) are used between the boards during transportation for the installed circuit board;

2. Circuit boards should be handled with care during use to avoid collisions caused by rough operations;

3. The circuit board should be placed on a soft protective pad or in a plug-in style, and should not be stacked randomly;

4. Choose an appropriate board splitting method to prevent uncontrolled deformation of the PCB board.

That's all for today's content. When determining whether the chip capacitor is damaged, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is mechanical or electrical. Check for cracks and voltage breakdown in the chip capacitor, and use electronic measuring instruments to measure it.

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