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What is the impact of placing capacitors in a damp place?


When the humidity in the air is too high, the water film condensesCapacitorThe surface of the shell can reduce the surface insulation resistance of the capacitor.
In addition, for semi sealed structure capacitors, moisture can also penetrate into the interior of the capacitor medium, reducing the insulation resistance and insulation capacity of the capacitor medium. Therefore, the impact of high temperature and high humidity environments on the deterioration of capacitor parameters is extremely significant. After drying and dehumidifying, the electrical performance of the capacitor can be improved, but the consequences of water molecule electrolysis cannot be eradicated. For example, capacitors operate under high temperature conditions, The water molecule is electrolyzed into hydrogen ion (H) and Hydroxide ion ion (OH -) under the action of electric field, and the lead root is subject to electrochemical corrosion. Even if it is dried and dehumidified, the lead cannot be restored.

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