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When will SMD capacitors be used in series? When will parallel connection be used?

We all know that patch capacitors are made of ceramics, and they play an important role in the electronics industry as filters, decouplers, bypasses, and couplings in circuits. We have all learned about parallel and series connection before, so when will patch capacitors be used in series? When will parallel connection be used?

When using parallel connection, the capacitance of the patch capacitor is usually too small when it is functioning, and it is necessary to supplement the capacitance. At this point, parallel connection is needed to increase the filtering effect.

The use of series connection generally requires a reduction in capacity to increase the filtering frequency.

In fact, the filtering, coupling, and other aspects of chip capacitors are not closely related to series or parallel connection. However, when it comes to capacity issues in practical use, it is necessary to consider whether to use parallel connection or series connection. Chip capacitors, due to their small size and light weight, have always played an important role in the electronics industry. By solving capacity problems well, they can play a role.
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