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Diagram of positive and negative poles of Electrolytic capacitor, how to distinguish the positive and negative poles of Electrolytic capacitor?


Recently, there have been many customer inquiriesElectrolytic capacitorHow are the positive and negative poles distinguished? Is there a graphic display? Now let me explain it to you; One of the biggest differences between other capacitors and Electrolytic capacitor is that Electrolytic capacitor have positive and negative poles, and attention should be paid to the distinction when using them, otherwise there will be an explosion risk if they are used incorrectly.

Different Electrolytic capacitor have different identification methods, and the following will explain them one by one

1. Niujiao Electrolytic capacitor
Niujiao Electrolytic capacitor is mainly used in the field of high-power industrial power supply. Its main characteristics are large capacity, high voltage and high ripple current; Nowadays, all manufacturers use the "negative electrode label", also known as the "-" negative electrode of the casing, as shown in the following figure.


2. Pad type Electrolytic capacitor
Solder Electrolytic capacitor is also a kind of plug-in capacitor. It is also characterized by large volume and capacity. There are two ways to distinguish the positive and negative poles. One is to use bushing "negative pole mark -", and the other is that some manufacturers will use "embossed mark" negative pole on the cover plate, as shown below


3. SMD Electrolytic capacitor

SMD aluminum Electrolytic capacitorIt is printed with voltage and capacity information on the top of the aluminum shell, with a small black semicircle as the negative electrode (as indicated by the arrow in the figure below)


4. Bolt type Electrolytic capacitor
Bolt Electrolytic capacitor is a large capacitor in Electrolytic capacitor. The way to distinguish the positive and negative poles is: first, the cover plate of the capacitor, that is, the front of the two bolts, is marked with "positive" and "-" negative; Secondly, there is also a clear "negative electrode mark" on the casing, as shown in the following figure


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