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Pay attention to these parameters when replacing capacitors


In components, capacitors can be said to have complex types and specifications, especially to adapt to different circuits and working environments. Even capacitors with the same capacity and rated voltage have multiple types and material characteristics to choose from. If a capacitor malfunctions, the usual solution is to replace it with a new capacitor of the same specification. But what if we can't find capacitors of the same specification? We have been focusing on teaching capacitor factories for many years, and you can use alternative methods to solve this problem. However, the following principles must be followed in order to proceed:


Capacitor manufacturers remind you to pay attention to the replacement of capacitors with different properties. For example, if Ceramic capacitor and paper capacitors need to be replaced, they must be replaced under the conditions of capacity, withstand voltage and unlimited volume. In addition, we also need to consider the cost of replacement and calculate the price. Of course, without any limitations, high voltage withstand capacitors of the same capacity can replace capacitors with low voltage withstand, and capacitors with small errors can replace capacitors with large errors.

Of course, in addition to the substitution between different capacitors, we also need to consider parameters such as withstand voltage, capacitance, temperature resistance, size, type, etc

1. If only the voltage withstand is different, and the type and other parameters of the capacitor are the same, then a high voltage withstand capacitor can replace a low voltage withstand capacitor, and a 450V capacitor can replace a 250V capacitor. Moreover, the voltage withstand margin is large, making it safer to use. One thing to note is that for the same type of capacitor, the higher the withstand voltage value, the larger the size of the capacitor. When choosing a high withstand voltage capacitor, we should also consider whether the size meets the requirements

2. There are many kinds of capacitors, including X capacitor, Y capacitor, Electrolytic capacitor, tantalum capacitor and Ceramic capacitor. The Mode of action of capacitor is also different, even Aluminum Electrolytic capacitorTantalum capacitors also need to be distinguished. Various capacitors are irreplaceable in certain applications. For example, the starting capacitor connected to a single-phase AC motor cannot be replaced by a regular CBB22 capacitor. Different types of capacitors should not be replaced as much as possible.

3. The selection of withstand voltage must leave sufficient margin. In order for the capacitor to work reliably and stably, the withstand voltage of the capacitor must be greater than 1.5 times the working voltage. Revealing some industry hidden rules: Many manufacturers' capacitors have virtual standard voltages, such as 630V, in order to fight a price war. In fact, they are 400V capacitors, which are generally very small in size and have insufficient withstand voltage margin, making them prone to damage during use.

4. The error range of ordinary capacitors is ± 5% (J) and ± 10% (K). If the circuit has extremely low accuracy standards for capacitor capacity, capacitors with different error ranges can be used. If the circuit has a high standard for capacitor accuracy, only capacitors with small capacity errors can be used.

5. Different stable substitutions. Taking CBB22 capacitors as an example, the poor quality temperature resistance can only reach 85 ℃, while the high quality temperature resistance can reach 105 ℃. In order to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the capacitor, it is necessary to leave a certain margin in the temperature resistance of the capacitor. If the working environment temperature is higher than 60 ℃, it is best to choose a 105 ℃ temperature resistant capacitor. If the circuit temperature is not high, different temperature resistant capacitors can be used instead.

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