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Memory module=memory module


Memory module = memory bar
LCD module: TN + FILM This technology is based on the original addition of a wide viewing angle compensation film. This compensation film can increase the visual angle to about 150 degrees, which is a simple and easy method and is widely used in liquid crystal displays. However, this technology does not improve the performance of contrast and response time. Perhaps TN+FILM is not the best solution for vendors, but it is indeed the cheapest solution, so most Taiwanese manufacturers use this method. Create a 15-inch liquid crystal display.
IPS(IN-PLANE-SWITCHING, in-board switching) technology claims to allow the upper and lower visual angles to reach a greater 170 degrees. Although IPS technology increases the visual angle, using two electrodes to drive liquid crystal molecules requires greater power consumption, which will increase the power consumption of liquid crystal displays. In addition, this method drives the liquid crystal molecule's response time to be slower.
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