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What industries are Electrolytic capacitor mainly used in?


Electrolytic capacitor have been widely used in the following industries:

Vehicle industry

The automotive industry has rapidly computerized and electrified in order to manufacture on-board equipment that meets environmental requirements. Dongguan Honor Electronics Co., Ltd.'s electronic components have high reliability and utilize the wide temperature advantage of aluminum electrolysis to facilitate the development of automotive electronic control technology, and integrate electronic products such as onboard DVD, navigation, and other onboard systems. It is honored to provide aluminum Electrolytic capacitor for energy-saving applications, which has excellent connection characteristics of low loss and high reliability, and reduces the size of on-board equipment to achieve better results. The RVT series wide temperature chip Aluminum electrolytic capacitor produced with honor can achieve good filtering effect on the vehicle mounted DVD, making the vehicle mounted equipment smaller, more stable and more perfect in sound quality.

Security industry

With the rapid development of technology, the emergence of large storage capacity and high-speed video and monitoring services is accelerating the trend of intelligent and multifunctional security monitoring devices. In view of this, Honor is committed to investing in the development of higher quality electronic component products to meet the needs of the security industry market.

Medical Electronics

Medical, clinical, and healthcare facilities have unique requirements for electronic products: in terms of product lifespan, certification, reliability, and compliance with strict regulations. Honor has specific knowledge and expertise to provide a variety of high-performance, safety certified long-life RVW series patch Aluminum electrolytic capacitor to develop innovative and effective medical equipment, such as patient monitoring, fixed-point care and inspection, imaging equipment and medical handheld computers.

Computer TV

Laptop and tablets have become an indispensable part of our daily life. They are not only limited to business, but also closely related to people's daily life and leisure activities. Honor reduces the size of electronic components while improving the high performance and portability of personal computers. Our low loss, power saving electronic components, thermal protection components, and low-power connected RVT series SMD Aluminum electrolytic capacitor usher in a new era of computing.

Electronic toys

Honor is committed to developing renewable energy with environmentally friendly technology. Our highly stable passive component products are suitable for outdoor and harsh environments, covering a wide range of fields, including wind, solar, and other renewable energy applications. Through our dedicated technology and supply chain management services, we provide comprehensive support to engineers designing clean and low pollution technologies, entertainment toys, high-performance energy storage, and power distribution applications.

industrial control

The industrial market includes production line and machine automation, packaging equipment, industrial control, equipment management and process control, and so on. We are proud to provide high reliability and stability SMD aluminum Electrolytic capacitor to meet different needs of various industrial equipment under extreme temperature and humidity conditions.


LED driver power supply

In power supply applications, it generally includes power adapters, desktop power supplies, or server power supplies. The passive components required for power supply must be able to maintain the high stability of the product when exposed to the environment with large temperature fluctuations, and have ultra-low ESR (Equivalent series resistance) value and high ripple current rating. The high capacitance and low equivalent serial resistance (ESR) characteristics of this series of products allow for maintaining low impedance at high frequencies to support noise suppression and ripple absorption functions in various applications. In this application, space is the key factor, and cost and maximum efficiency are prioritized. The LED professional chip Aluminum electrolytic capacitor series developed by Honor Electronics can play a good role.

Intelligent home appliances

Energy conservation and environmental protection have become necessary conditions for daily household appliances, such as lighting fixtures, washing machines, air conditioning, etc. Honorable low loss, long-life Ceramic capacitor can effectively reduce the power consumption of household appliances. Honorable passive components can be used to monitor the operation of household appliances to ensure smart energy management in households.

In recent years, digital camera guidance has increasingly complex advanced functions, including noise suppression, red-eye correction, high-quality photo capture from dynamic photography, static and dynamic hand shock resistance, camera editing function, and wireless photo transmission. Dongguan Honor Electronics Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive solution that covers the entire video chain - from capturing the initial image content to the final visual experience. Honorable excellent digital camera solution, leading camera manufacturers into the next era of digital photography.

Computer motherboard

Set-Top Box

Global Netcom is a thriving industry with applications including set-top boxes, wireless local area networks (WLAN), digital subscriber loop family xDSLs, switches, and hubs.

Passive components provide physical connections between various network devices.

Passive components provide a relatively high-speed (bandwidth) medium for transmitting data between network communication devices.

Passive components facilitate communication between remote devices.

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