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What are the differences between different materials of chip capacitors

On the surface, M LCC may seem very simple, but in many cases, design engineers, production, and process personnel have insufficient understanding of M LCC. Here are some issues and precautions in the selection and application of M LCC

1. Although the MLCC is relatively simple, it is also a device with relatively high Failure rate. The high Failure rate is due to the inherent reliability of the MLCC structure on the one hand, as well as the selection and application problems Due to the fact that capacitor boxes are "simple" devices, some design engineers may not be familiar with the unique characteristics of M LCC due to insufficient reproducibility. In an idealized scenario, when selecting capacitors, the main considerations are capacity and withstand voltage. However, considering only these two parameters is far from enough for M LCC.

2. For design engineers who are not yet beginners, they have no concept of the numerical order of component specifications (E12, E24, etc.) and will provide non-existent specifications such as 0.5uF. Even experienced engineers have no concept of specification compression. For example, if someone used a 3.3uF capacitor in a filtering circuit, their circuit could still use a 3.3uF capacitor, But he chose a capacitor specification of 4.7uF or 2.2uF that no one had used before. Those who don't read the manufacturer's selection manual for selection will still make the following mistakes.

3. Also note that there are two ways to represent the packaging of chip capacitors, one is in the English system and the other is in the metric system. Manufacturers in the United States use the English system, while Japanese manufacturers mostly use the metric system, while domestic manufacturers use both English and metric systems The capacitor packaging used by a company can only be represented in a unified format. This engineer cannot use the English system, and that engineer can use the metric system. Otherwise, it will cause confusion.

4. In addition, design engineers should also learn more about the temperature performance of MLCC, such as the capacitance of Y5V dielectric. Although this type of ferroelectric ceramic has a large capacity, it has a disadvantage that its static capacity decreases with the increase of its DC bias working voltage, with a maximum decrease of 70%. For example, for a capacitor of Y5V/50V/10uF per person, its capacity may only be 3uF at 50V DC voltage!

Dongguan Youchen Electronic Technology Co., LtdAs the headquarters, we are a professional manufacturer and seller of capacitors. It was founded in Taichung, Taiwan in 1990. In August 1997, it invested in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. With good enterprise development philosophy and professional technology, it rose rapidly in the field of electronic components. The company follows a diversified development path and currently has multiple production and sales companies under its umbrella.

The company introduces advanced equipment from Japan and Taiwan, and purchases imported raw materials such as SKC from South Korea, Toray from Japan, and STA from Germany. The main products includeChip capacitorElectrolytic capacitorCeramic capacitorEtc. The company's independent "YC" brand has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, and some products have obtained UL, VDE, and other quality certifications. For the vast product market and convenient procurement of capacitors for customers, the company has established long-term strategic partnerships with other capacitor manufacturers (such as Malaysia Kepu Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.), and has established sales companies or production enterprises in Hong Kong, Fujian, and Jiangsu, Becoming an enterprise in the current capacitor industry with a relatively complete variety of supporting facilities.

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