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Difference between capacitance loss and breakdown of Ceramic capacitor

Ceramic capacitorIt is a capacitor with high dielectric constant, ceramic Barium titanate and Titanium(II) oxide, which are extruded into round tubes, discs or disks as the medium, and silver plated on the ceramic by the burning infiltration method as the electrode. It is a capacitor with small positive capacitance temperature coefficient, which is used in the highly stable oscillation circuit as the circuit capacitor and the padding capacitor. 6370105665439618416937918.png

Ceramic capacitorThere are two main parameters, one is capacity and the other is withstand voltage. In order to better explain the loss of capacity and breakdown of Ceramic capacitor, we use the analogy of bucket filled with water. A bucket is used to hold water, while a capacitor is used to hold electricity. The function of a capacitor is similar to that of a bucket. Capacitance loss is like cutting off the upper part of a bucket and still holding water, but it is not as complete as the original bucket. And once a capacitor is broken down and short circuited, it's like the bottom of a bucket has fallen off and cannot be used at all.

In other words, the loss of capacity of Ceramic capacitor means that the capacity of the capacitor has been lost. For example, the original capacity is 1000PF, but later it has changed to 800PF. The reason for this may be that the storage time is too long, and the factory capacitance is not enough. The breakdown of the Ceramic capacitor is the internal short circuit of the capacitor. At this time, the capacitor can be regarded as a short circuit, which not only has no capacity, but also causes other parts of the circuit to burn out. Short circuit breakdown is related to voltage resistance, as well as dielectric aging and excessive circuit current and voltage used.

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