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Storage method of Ceramic capacitor

Ceramic capacitorIt means that the capacitor ceramic Barium titanate Titanium(II) oxide with high dielectric constant is extruded into a round tube, disc or disc as the medium, and silver is plated on the ceramic by the burning infiltration method as the electrode. It is divided into two types: high-frequency ceramic dielectric and low-frequency ceramic dielectric. The wet weather will cause the performance life of the capacitor to decline rapidly, so what should we pay attention to when using Ceramic capacitor?

Dampness affectsCeramic capacitorWhat is the impact?

1. The characteristics of the capacitor will decrease.

2. The life of Ceramic capacitor is not guaranteed.

3. Dampness can damage the surface area of capacitors, cause poor placement, and even affect other capacitors.

How to protect Ceramic capacitor?

1. Place the capacitor in a dry place.

2. Maintain ventilation.

3. Avoid sunlight exposure.

You should remember that the temperature and humidity of the Ceramic capacitor should not be too high, which will reduce the capacity of the Ceramic capacitor. If the humidity is too high, it will reduce the life of all electronic components and electronic equipment, which are more or less affected by the temperature and humidity. In life, we not only know how to use capacitors but also need to know how to store them.

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