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Precautions for Customizing Aluminum electrolytic capacitor


1、 Rated voltage

Add to DCCapacitorThe voltage waveform on the has a DC part and an AC part. The sum of the highest voltage in the DC section and the peak voltage in the AC section should not exceed the rated DC voltage value during use.

2、 Frequency

The situation where capacitors are affected by frequency, especially the relationship between the allowable current and frequency of capacitors, must be understood in advance. Because when the frequency increases continuously, the effective cross sectional area of the electrode and wire decreases inversely with the square root of the frequency, that is, Skin effect is generated, and the metal resistance of the capacitor is greatly improved, that is, the Equivalent series resistance is increased, which often causes excessive internal heating and leads to failure.

3、 Capacity

On requestcapacitanceIn cases of particularly large quantities or high voltages, multiple capacitors are often used in parallel or series. In this case, it is important to ensure that the wiring between capacitors is as short as possible to reduce the inherent inductance.

4、 Environmental temperature

The higher the ambient temperature for capacitor use, the higher the failure rate and the shorter the service life, especially when the temperature exceeds the upper limit category. Due to accelerated aging of the medium, damage to product heating and sealing, etc., capacitor failure will be accelerated.

5、 Changes in humid environment and atmospheric pressure

When capacitors are used in situations of rapid changes in air pressure, or when they are exposed to humid environments for a long time, the packaging shell should be quite sturdy and should not allow moisture to enter the insulation medium, which may deteriorate the performance of the capacitor.

6、 Rated current

The magnitude of rated current and peak current directly affects the professional design of capacitors.

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