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Advantages of chip inductors


It is different from the winding sheet typeInductorCompared to other advantages, it has many advantages: small size, favorable for circuit miniaturization, closed magnetic circuit, no interference with surrounding components, and no interference from adjacent components, which is conducive to high-density installation of components; Integrated structure,Ceramic capacitorHigh reliability; Good heat resistance and weldability; Regular in shape, suitable for automated surface installation production.

TDK's MLK inductor has a small size, good solderability, magnetic screen, high-density design, single chip structure, and high reliability; The MLG type has a low inductance and uses high-frequency ceramics, suitable for high-frequency circuits; MLK type operating frequency 12GHz, high Q, low inductance (1n~22nH)

Film type
It has the characteristics of maintaining high Q, high accuracy, high stability, and small volume in the microwave frequency band. The internal electrodes are concentrated on the same layer, with a concentrated magnetic field distribution, which ensures that the device parameters do not change much after installation and exhibit good frequency characteristics above 100MHz.

Braided type
The characteristic is that the unit volume inductance at 1MHz is larger, smaller, and easier to install on the substrate than other chip inductors. Micro magnetic components used for power processing.

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