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Preconditions for the operation of SMD resistors


What are the prerequisites for smooth operation of SMD resistors?
Ceramic capacitorresistanceThere are many types of resistors, and the type of SMD resistor to use depends on the circuit in which the resistor needs to be installed. There are also different types of circuits, such as high-frequency circuits that need to choose non wire wound resistors with small inductance and capacitance distribution. They are carbon film resistors, metal resistors, metal oxide film resistors, thin film resistors, thick film resistors, alloy resistors, and anti-corrosion coating resistors.

chip resistorIt is used in circuits and electrical equipment to limit the magnitude of current, which is the case in use. There are also some situations that need to be noted before using SMD resistors, which is a prerequisite for their smooth use. Before using the patch resistor, the resistance value should be tested and determined. The range of the multimeter should be determined based on the measured resistance value, with the pointer indicating in the middle of the scale line for easy observation.

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