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Precautions for use of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor


Aluminum electrolytic capacitorAs a bipolar structure, attention should be paid to the polarity during installation and should not be reversed. The application of AC or reverse voltage may cause short circuits or damage to the capacitor.

The DC voltage loaded onto the capacitor terminal should not exceed its rated working voltage, otherwise it will cause a rapid increase in leakage current and damage the capacitor, even leading to short circuits and open flames. To extend the product's service life, it is recommended to use the capacitor at a rated voltage of 70-80%.

The ripple current loaded into the capacitor must be within the allowable range. If overloaded, it will cause overheating and performance damage to the capacitor, machine damage, and even open flames. Please note that the sum of the ripple voltage and the peak DC working voltage must not exceed the rated DC voltage. Capacitors must be used within the allowable operating temperature range, and room temperature operating conditions can extend their service life.

Capacitors with a shell diameter of 8MM or greater are equipped with a safety valve. In solder capacitor, the safety valve is usually located at the bottom of the shell, and the screw capacitor is usually located on the outlet end face (cover plate) of the capacitor. Sufficient space needs to be reserved around the valve to maintain optimal working conditions. The recommended sizes are as follows: when d=18-35mm, a space of 3mm or more should be reserved; when d=40mm or more, a space of 5mm or more should be reserved. When the internal pressure of the capacitor is too high, the gas will be released through the safety valve, causing a gaseous liquid to appear around the safety valve, which is not a leaked electrolyte.

When installing capacitors on the circuit board, be careful not to face down the safety valve, and do not walk any metal or circuits near the safety valve. However, when installing screw aluminum Electrolytic capacitor on the side, ensure that the negative pole is below the positive pole, and do not reverse the voltage. Otherwise, it may cause excessive pressure, a large amount of electrolyte leakage, and may lead to short circuits or even open flames.

Capacitors should be stored at room temperature and in normal humidity environments that are not acidic or alkaline. Exposure to high temperatures, such as direct sunlight, can reduce its lifespan. If stored in an acidic or alkaline environment, it will affect the solderability of the leads.

After long-term storage, the leakage current of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor may increase. Therefore, the rated working voltage of 6-8 hours must be applied before use.

Manual welding: A must be carried out under specified conditions, with a temperature of 350 degrees Celsius and a soldering iron usage time of 3 seconds. Ensure that the soldering iron does not touch any part of the capacitor body.

Do not use or place in the environment containing hydrogen sulfide, Nitrous acid, Sulfurous acid, chlorine, and other gases, ammonia and other harmful gases. If the above gases invade the capacitor, it will cause damage to the capacitor.

Do not use or place it in areas exposed to ozone, ultraviolet radiation, or radiation. Do not use it in areas with excessive vibration or impact. If the capacitor falls freely, it will immediately cause problems such as increased leakage.

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