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Basic knowledge and main applications of chip capacitors


There are many parameters related to the power capacitor, and the voltage and function of the capacitor are different. We are often misled by some issues in use.

Below, Youchen Electronics will briefly introduce the basic knowledge of chip capacitors.


Firstly, the symbol for the unit of capacitance is: C; The unit of capacitance is: F (Farah)


Unit conversion: 1F=1 * 103 meters FF=1 * 106u FF=1 * 109n FF=1 * 1012


According to polarity classification, it can be divided into polar capacitors and non polar capacitors


Chip Ceramic capacitor belongs to non-polar capacitor, while tantalum capacitor and Electrolytic capacitor belong to polar capacitor.


Circuit functions: filtering, coupling, bypass, decoupling


Capacity code calculation (originally in PF):


For example, the first two valid values of 103 are 10, and the latter is a multiple (commonly known as adding several zeros). Therefore, it is calculated as 10000 FP ≤ 10 nF.


Chip capacitors are mainly used in the electronic industry and equipment: functional materials, LEDs, medical devices, industrial control, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, household appliances, etc.

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