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Method for detecting the quality of chip capacitors


Chip capacitorIt is widely used in isolation, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loop, energy conversion, control circuit, and other aspects. Today we will teach you several methods to measure the quality of capacitors.

Most of the causes of damage to electrical products may be caused by capacitor damage. We have several methods to detect the quality of chip capacitors.

1. Check the quality of Electrolytic capacitor with diode gear of digital multimeter:

This method is suitable for Electrolytic capacitor breakdown. Set the digital multimeter at the diode position, and connect two probes to both ends of the Electrolytic capacitor. At this time, pay attention to whether the digital multimeter emits "drip drip" sound. If not, it is good and not broken down.

2. Capacitive resistance value testing method:

This method is suitable for detecting small capacitors below 10pF, and can only qualitatively check for leakage, internal short circuits, or breakdown phenomena. When measuring, a multimeter R can be used × 10k gear, use two probes to connect any two pins of the capacitor, and the resistance value should be infinite. If the measured resistance value (pointer swinging to the right) is zero, it indicates that the capacitor is damaged due to leakage or internal breakdown.

3. Direct capacitance testing method:
On some powerful digital multimeters, there is a capacitance test gear. When we set it to the capacitance test gear, the red lead is connected to the positive pole and the black lead is connected to the negative pole. If infinity occurs, it indicates that the capacitor is open or open circuit; When zero is detected, it indicates breakdown. A normal range number indicates normal operation.

4. Resonance method:

We observe the data through an LC resonant circuit. If there is an error in the data or the waveform is incorrect, it indicates that the capacitor has broken.

5. Check whether the Electrolytic capacitor is good or not with the resistance of pointer multimeter:

This method is applicable to capacitors with low withstand voltage value, such as Electrolytic capacitor with voltage below 6V or 10V.

Firstly, set the pointer multimeter to the resistance position, R * 1k position, and then connect the red lead to the negative electrode of the capacitor and the black lead to its positive electrode. Pay attention to the pointer changes of the multimeter while connecting.

The pointer will oscillate and then return to zero scale or near it after discharge. If a jump returns to zero, it proves that it is good, otherwise it is bad.
No matter what method we use, we use the basic principles of capacitors to monitor them. If we separate them from their basic properties to distinguish them, it would be wrong.

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