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A Simple Identification Method for Chip Resistors


PatchComponents can be divided into three categories based on their shape: rectangular, cylindrical, and irregular. According to types, there are resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, and small integrated circuits. The nominal method for SMD components is different from that of general components.
SMD components have the advantages of small size, light weight, high installation density, strong seismic resistance, strong anti-interference ability, good high-frequency characteristics, etc. They are widely used in computers, mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, medical electronic products, video recorders, electronic Electricity meter, VCD machines, etc.

The following mainly discusses the nominal resistance method of chip resistors:
The resistance value of a chip resistor is the same as that of a general resistor, and is indicated on the resistor body. There are three methods for nominal resistance values, but the nominal method is different from that of a general resistor.
Digital cable position nominal method (usually used for rectangular sheet resistors)
The digital cable nominal method is to use three digits on a resistor to indicate its resistance value. The first two digits are Significant figures, and the third digit represents the number of "0" added after Significant figures. No letter will appear in this digit.

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