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What are the components of high-voltage Electrolytic capacitor? What types are there?


High voltage Electrolytic capacitor is the capacitor used by many companies. So, what are the components of today's high-voltage Electrolytic capacitor? What are the characteristics of different high-voltage Electrolytic capacitor?

1、 Composition of high-voltage Electrolytic capacitor.

Capacitor components and contour porcelain sleeves are indispensable components of high-voltage capacitors. In addition to these, it is also an important component, which is its shell, which can be played safely. High voltage capacitors are very sturdy and are the lightest among numerous capacitors, with a relatively high cost-effectiveness and low cost performance.

2、 Characteristics of lead type Aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

The main feature of lead type Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is its very large capacity, and this high-voltage capacitor is widely used in many companies. In particular, some large power plants generally use lead type aluminum Electrolytic capacitor, which can be said to be ordinary capacitors, several times or even hundreds of times.

3、 Features of Niujiao Aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

Among many types of high-voltage capacitors, the Nameplate capacity can be very large, only the ox horn Aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The rated capacitance of the high-capacity ox horn aluminum Electrolytic capacitor can reach thousands of UF, and a little bit, the rated capacitance can reach 10000 UF. Although this type of capacitor is not just a double-layer capacitor, it has great power.

The above is the introduction of high-voltage Electrolytic capacitor and two different capacitors. There are many types of capacitors on the market at present. When choosing, enterprises can compare and choose based on their actual needs.

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