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Where can I see the size of patch capacitors?


Where can I see itChip capacitorWhat is the size of? Due to limited volume, SMD capacitors cannot be labeled. Therefore, during the production process of capacitors, they are usually labeled on the entire board and can be measured using a capacitance tester.

Multimeter measurement size:

1. Connect the black pen to COM, and the red pen to the far right top;

2. Connect the gear to the gear of the measured capacitance size;

3. Connect the multimeter probes to both ends for testing to determine; To learn how to identify chip capacitors, one needs to identify the numerical annotation methods on the chip capacitors, which usually include three methods:

1. The marking method of letters and numbers is to print black letters and black numbers on the white substrate, and print white letters and white numbers on the black substrate of the chip Electrolytic capacitor as codes, where the letters represent the first two digits of the capacitor. The following numbers indicate adding '0' after the previous number.

2. Color ring Notation is a marking method for cylindrical chip capacitors. The first two rings represent the first two significant digits of the capacitor, the third ring represents adding a few "0s" after the first two significant digits, the fourth ring represents the error value, and the fifth ring represents the temperature coefficient of the capacitor.

Chip capacitance recognition can be based on two indicators: 1. Size (f); 2. Voltage withstand value (V). Mathematical counting method: with a scalar value of 104, the capacity is:

10X10000pf=0.1uf. If the scalar value is 473, it is 47X1000pf=0.047uf. (The following 4 and 3 all represent the power of 10). For example, 332=33X100pf=3300pf. There is a label for capacitor withstand voltage that uses a combination of a number and a letter. Numbers represent the power exponent of 10, letters represent numerical values, and the unit is V (volts).

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