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Difference between Chip Inductance and Wound Inductance


Chip mounted inductors are also divided into wire wound and stacked inductors

Chip inductance:
1. Surface mount high-power inductors.
2. It has the characteristics of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage, and low resistance.
3. Mainly used in computer display boards, laptops, pulse memory programming, and DC-DC converters.
4. Can provide reel packaging suitable for automatic surface mounting.

1. A flat bottom surface is suitable for surface mounting.
2. Excellent end face strength and good soldering performance.
3. It has the characteristics of high Q value and low impedance.
4. Low magnetic leakage, low direct resistance, and resistance to high currents.
5. Ribbon packaging is available for automated assembly

Winding inductance:
Features: 1. Suitable for power supply circuits.

2. Surface adhesion type.

3. The appearance and size comply with EIA standards, and different size specifications are available for selection.

4. Good soldering and heat resistance, suitable for general welding and reflow.

Application: This product is widely used in micro TVs, LCD TVs, cameras, portable VRCs, car stereos, slim radios, TV tuners, mobile phones, etc.

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