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What are the application markets of different Electrolytic capacitor?


Polarity Electrolytic capacitor usually plays the role of power filter, decoupling, signal coupling, time constant setting, DC isolation, etc. In power circuits or intermediate and low-frequency circuits. Generally, it cannot be used in AC power circuits. When used as a filtering capacitor in a DC power supply circuit, the anode (positive pole) should be connected to the positive end of the power supply voltage, and the cathode (negative pole) should be connected to the negative end of the power supply voltage, and cannot be reversed, otherwise the capacitor will be damaged.

The non-polar Electrolytic capacitor is usually used in speaker frequency division circuit, TV S correction circuit and single-phase motor starting circuit.

Electrolytic capacitor is widely used in household appliances and various electronic products, with a large capacity range of 1~33000 μ F. The rated working voltage range is 6.3~700V V, but its disadvantages are high dielectric loss, large capacity error (maximum allowable deviation is 100%, -20%), poor high-temperature resistance, and easy failure due to long storage time.

Pay attention to the polarity of Electrolytic capacitor. On one side of the Electrolytic capacitor, "-" is the negative pole and "" is the positive pole. If the negative pole is not marked on the Electrolytic capacitor, it can also be judged according to the length of its pin. The long leg is the positive pole, and the short leg is the negative pole.

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