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What are the life effects of SMD Electrolytic capacitor?


staySMD aluminum Electrolytic capacitorThe surface of the will indicate a temperature data, such as 125, etc. This temperature represents the high temperature that the capacitor can withstand. At this high temperature, the capacitor can generally only guarantee normal operation for about 1000 hours. And through this temperature value, we can use a formula to calculate the lifespan of the capacitor in other different temperature environments.

The calculation formula for the capacitance of aluminum solid polymer conductors: L2=L1 × 10 ^ [(t1-t2)/20] (The result of the equation in square brackets is taken as a power of 10, the same below), where L2 represents the lifespan of the capacitor in actual use in hours, L1 represents the lifespan at high temperatures (1000 hours), T1 represents the high operating temperature indicated by the capacitor (such as 125 above), and T2 represents the actual temperature used (such as 85 degrees, etc.).

Assuming that an aluminum solid polymer conductor capacitor with a high operating temperature of 125 degrees operates at 85 degrees, its lifespan can be calculated to be L2=1000x10 to the power of 100000 hours, which means it can work for about 11 years. The calculation formula for the capacitance of SMD aluminum electrolyte:

The life of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor mainly depends on its applicable environmental conditions (such as temperature and humidity) and electrical load (such as voltage, ripple current, etc.). Generally speaking, the failure mechanism of aluminum Electrolytic capacitor is considered to be caused by the gradual volatilization of electrolyte through the rubber plug.

Therefore, temperature factors (environmental diffusion and internal heat caused by ripple current) have a great impact on the life of capacitors, while the impact of voltage on the life of capacitors can be ignored, especially for low-voltage aluminum Electrolytic capacitor. The life of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor can be calculated by the following formula.

What is the labeling method of the SMD Electrolytic capacitor?

The cathode of the SMD aluminum Electrolytic capacitor is made of electrolyte, which is non-polar and polar. We can see that this is a widely used capacitor.

1. Use three digits for annotation, in pF. The first two digits are Significant figures, and the last one is the power of Significant figures multiplied by 10, for example, 475 means 47 × 105pF, i.e. 4.7uF.

2. Directly marked, the parameters mainly include capacity and withstand voltage value. For example, 10V6 indicates that the capacity of the Electrolytic capacitor is 10uF, and the withstand voltage is 6V.

3. The code method is usually composed of one letter and three numbers. The letter represents the withstand voltage value of the Electrolytic capacitor, and the number is used to indicate the capacitance, in pF. The first two digits represent the Significant figures of the capacitance, and the three digits represent the power of the Significant figures multiplied by 10. The indicator strip on the Electrolytic capacitor of the patch indicates that this end is the positive pole of the Electrolytic capacitor. The relationship between the letters in the code of the SMD Electrolytic capacitor and the withstand voltage value is shown in the table below.

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