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How to identify the quality of long-life Electrolytic capacitor power supply?


     Long life Electrolytic capacitorIt has a wide range of uses and can generally be used for motor starting, ballasts, frequency converters, etc. Common faults of Electrolytic capacitor include capacity reduction, capacity disappearance, breakdown short circuit and electric leakage. The capacity change is caused by the gradual drying of the electrolyte inside the Electrolytic capacitor during its use or placement, while breakdown and electric leakage are generally caused by the applied voltage being too high or its own quality being poor.

Generally, the resistance range of the multimeter is used to measure the long life Electrolytic capacitor of the power supply. The specific method is: short circuit the two pins of the capacitor to discharge, and connect the black probe of the multimeter to the positive pole of the Electrolytic capacitor. The red probe is connected to the negative electrode (for a pointer type multimeter, when measuring with a digital multimeter, the probes are mutually adjustable). Normally, the probe should first swing in the direction of low resistance, and then gradually return to infinity.

The larger the swing amplitude or slower the return speed of the watch needle, the greater the capacity of the capacitor, and vice versa, the smaller the capacity of the capacitor. If the pointer of the watch does not change at a certain point in the middle, it indicates that the capacitor is leaking electricity. If the resistance indicator value is very small or zero, it indicates that the capacitor has broken through and short circuited.

Due to the fact that the battery voltage used in a multimeter is generally very low, it is more accurate to measure capacitors with low voltage resistance. However, when the voltage resistance of the capacitor is high, although the measurement is normal during operation, there is a possibility of leakage or breakdown when high voltage is added.

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