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How to deal with the problem of chip Electrolytic capacitor failure?


Dealing with faultsSMD aluminum Electrolytic capacitorThe circuit breaker of the SMD Electrolytic capacitor shall be disconnected, the isolating switches on both sides of the circuit breaker shall be opened, and the SMD Electrolytic capacitor bank shall be discharged after the discharge resistance. How to deal with the problem of chip Electrolytic capacitor failure? The following points

1. The neutral line of the patch Electrolytic capacitor bank with double star connection and the serial connection of multiple patch Electrolytic capacitor shall also be discharged separately. The SMD Electrolytic capacitor is an electrical appliance with weak reliability in various equipment such as power transformation, filtering, coupling, etc. It is weaker than the insulated electronic components of other equipment with the same voltage level. The internal components generate more heat, and the heat dissipation is poor. There are more opportunities for internal faults. The combustible composition of the internal materials of the power SMD Electrolytic capacitor is large, so it is very easy to catch fire during operation.

2. After the SMD Electrolytic capacitor bank is discharged by the discharge resistance (discharge transformer or discharge Voltage transformer), because some residual charges cannot be discharged for a while, a manual discharge should still be carried out. When discharging, first connect the grounding terminal of the grounding wire, and then discharge the patch Electrolytic capacitor with the grounding rod for many times until there is no spark and discharge sound, and then fix the grounding terminal.

3. As the faulty patch Electrolytic capacitor is very likely to suffer from poor lead contact, internal disconnection or fuse fusing, some of the charges may not be discharged completely, so all maintenance personnel should wear insulating gloves before contacting the faulty patch Electrolytic capacitor, use a short circuit to short connect the two poles of the faulty patch Electrolytic capacitor, and then start to remove and replace it.

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