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A simple way to test the withstand voltage of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor!

        Aluminum Electrolytic capacitorIt is made by using an aluminum cylinder as the negative electrode, which contains a liquid electrolyte, and inserting a curved aluminum strip as the positive electrode. It also requires direct current voltage treatment to form a layer of oxide film on the positive electrode as the medium. Its characteristics are large capacity, but high leakage, poor stability, and positive and negative polarity, making it suitable for power filtering or low-frequency circuits. When using, do not connect the positive and negative poles in reverse.


Possibility: The dielectric film of the aluminum Electrolytic capacitor is obtained by anodic oxidation, so the small current "breakdown" in a short time will not damage the Aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Basic method: connect aluminum Electrolytic capacitor in series with a 10k resistance; Slowly increase the applied voltage, keep the charging current below 1mA (the voltage on the corresponding resistance is lower than 10V), until the corresponding voltage is the breakdown voltage of the Electrolytic capacitor when the applied voltage and current do not decrease even if they do not continue to increase; 90% of this voltage is the rated voltage of Electrolytic capacitor. This method is only applicable to Aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

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