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What precautions should be taken after solid-state capacitor welding?

The full name of solid-state capacitors is: solid-state Aluminum Electrolytic capacitor. The biggest difference between it and ordinary capacitor (i.e. liquid aluminum Electrolytic capacitor) is that it uses different dielectric materials. The liquid aluminum capacitor dielectric material is electrolyte, while the solid capacitor dielectric material is conductive polymer material.


1. After the solid-state capacitor is welded, please do not use external forces to tilt, bend, or twist it;

2. Please do not grab the solid-state aluminum capacitor to move the PCB board;

3. When stacking and welding PCB boards with solid aluminum capacitors, please do not let the solid aluminum capacitors come into contact with each other or other components;

4. Do not allow solid-state aluminum capacitors welded to the PCB board to withstand external forces.

5. PCB board cleaning: Please use ethanol based cleaning agents.

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