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How to Measure the Capacity and Value of Chip Capacitor Electrolysis


Chip capacitor electrolysisHow to measure its capacity and numerical value?

Chip capacitor electrolysis is measured by using a digital multimeter to measure the capacitance gear. For chip capacitors that are not suitable for testing on circuit boards, the measurement results are not accurate; Use a hot air soldering gun (electrochromic iron) to remove the chip capacitor from the circuit board, find a clean thin paper and place it on the table, then place it on the paper. This type of meter is used to measure the transistor or capacitor using a plug converter, and when measuring the capacitance, it can be immediately plugged into a dedicated conversion socket.

Some 1812 high-temperature chip capacitors are 10uf/100V, and the measurement results on the digital multimeter indicate 10.1uf, which belongs to a type of chip capacitor with higher accuracy. In order to better verify the reduction in the capacitance of the chip capacitor, I will use two (1812) 10uf/100V capacitors with the same volume to measure together in series, as shown in the following figure.

At this point, the measurement results comply with the calculation method of capacitance volume in series circuits; See 4.9uf indicated in the table.

Basic chip capacitors are divided into COG (NPO), X7R, and V5V based on raw materials; According to the nominal diameter specification of the thread, there are generally 12 types and specifications of foot encapsulation: 0201.0402.0603.0805.1206.1210.1812.1825.2225.3012.3035. Among them, 0201.0402.0603.0805.1206 is a common packaging specification.

Pay attention to the selection of gear when using a data multimeter for measurement; Generally, there are multiple measurement ranges of 2n. 200n. 100uf in a digital multimeter. If the selected gear is lower than the measured chip capacitance, the digital multimeter will indicate that the overflow meets "1".

At this point, the gear should be increased by one level. For those whose volume exceeds the measurement value of the data multimeter, there is no solution, but only the measurement method of serial capacitance can be used. However, such situations may be very rare.

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