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Composition and function of resistors


Precision chip resistorComposition:

A two terminal electronic component made of resistive materials with a certain structural form that can limit the passage of current in a circuit. A fixed resistor is one whose resistance cannot be changed. The variable resistance is called Potentiometer or variable resistor. The ideal resistor is linear, that is, the instantaneous current passing through the resistor is proportional to the applied instantaneous voltage. For some special resistors, such as thermistors, varistors and sensing elements, the relationship between voltage and current is nonlinear. Resistors are the most widely used components in electronic circuits, usually forming different series based on power and resistance values for circuit designers to choose from.

Resistors are mainly used in circuits to regulate and stabilize current and voltage, and can serve as diverters and voltage dividers, as well as circuit matching loads. According to the circuit requirements, it can also be used for negative feedback or positive feedback of the amplification circuit, voltage current conversion, voltage or current protection elements in case of input overload, and can also form RC circuit as oscillation, filtering, bypass, differential, integral and time constant elements.

The role of precision chip resistors:

Small power resistors are typically composed of carbon films encapsulated in plastic shells, while high-power resistors are typically wire wound resistors made by wrapping high resistivity metal wires around ceramic cores.

If the resistance value of a resistor is close to zero ohms (such as a large cross-sectional wire between two points), then the resistor has no blocking effect on the current, and the circuit connected in parallel with this resistor is short-circuited, resulting in an infinite current. If a resistor has infinite or large resistance, the circuit connected in series with the resistor can be considered as an open circuit with zero current. The commonly used resistors in industry are between two extreme situations, which have a certain resistance and can pass a certain amount of current, but the current is not as large as when there is a short circuit. The current limiting effect of a resistor is similar to the effect of a small diameter pipe connected between two large diameter pipes to limit water flow. Resistance, commonly abbreviated as R, is a fundamental property of a conductor that is related to its size, material, and temperature. According to Ohm's law, I=U/R, then R=U/I, the basic unit of resistance is ohm, which is represented by the Greek alphabet "Ω". There is such a definition: when a voltage of one volt is added to the conductor, the resistance value corresponding to the current of one ampere will be generated. The main function of a resistor is to obstruct the flow of current. In fact, "resistance" refers to a property, and the resistance commonly referred to in electronic products refers to a component such as a resistor. Ohm is often abbreviated as Ohm. The commonly used units for representing resistance values include kiloohms (k Ω), megaohms (M Ω), and milliohms (m Ω).

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