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How to Select High Voltage Electrolytic capacitor Safely


       High voltage Electrolytic capacitorUsually DC capacitors, but now they have evolved from DC to communication, from low temperature to high temperature, from universal to special, and from conventional construction to chip, flat, book, and other structures. Its upper limit capacity has been extended to around 4f, the operating frequency has reached 30khz, and the operating temperature scale has reached -55 ℃ -125 ℃, some even as high as 150 ℃. The additional voltage has reached 700v. Of course, the more goods you have, the more choices you have. How do you choose high-voltage Electrolytic capacitor?

How to Choose High Voltage Capacitors

1. Try to select the prototype high-voltage Electrolytic capacitor.

2. Generally, the capacitance error of high-voltage Electrolytic capacitor is larger, which will not seriously affect the normal operation of the circuit, so it can be replaced by capacitors with slightly larger or smaller capacitance. However, in frequency division circuits, s calibration circuits, vibration circuits, and loops, the capacitance should be as common as possible with the calculation request. In some filter networks, the capacity of Heijingang Electrolytic capacitor and Electrolytic capacitor is also very demanding, and the error should be less than ± 0.3-0.5.

3. The withstand voltage request must be satisfactory, and the selected withstand voltage value should be equal to or greater than the original value.

4. Generally, the non-polar Electrolytic capacitor is used instead. If there is no way, two polar capacitors with twice the capacity can be used for replacement after reverse series connection. The method is to connect the positive poles of two major polar Electrolytic capacitor (or connect their two negative poles).

5. When selecting high voltage Electrolytic capacitor, high temperature resistant high voltage Electrolytic capacitor is selected. The high operating temperature of the high temperature resistant capacitor is 105 ℃. When it operates at high operating temperature, it can ensure about 2000 hours of normal operating time. When the 80 ℃ capacitor is used at 50 ℃, its life can reach 22000 hours. If the high-temperature high-voltage Electrolytic capacitor is used at the moment, its life can reach 90000 hours.

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