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Product Name:Huake SMT Ceramic Capacitor

Youchen Technology provides a complete range of Huake SMT ceramic capacitor products to meet the needs of such applications as smartphones, telecommunication equipment and automotive electronics.

Huake SMT Ceramic Capacitors, Huake SMT Capacitors, Huake First-class Agent.

Dongguan Youchen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., as an agent of Huake, provides a complete range of multilayer ceramic capacitors to meet the needs of smartphones, telecommunications equipment and automotive electronics. You can dial Youchen Technology’s service hotline at 0769-85328400 to inquire about information on multilayer ceramic capacitor series for reference.


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    Huake SMT Resistor

    Material: Temperature: -40 105 ° Voltage range: 16V Static capacity: 2200uF Error range:
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